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Tuesday, 06 November
Not Long Now

A couple kind souls have contacted me to make sure I'm okay in the unexplained long absence of new posts. And I am! I've got a second bedroom full of boxes of comic books that I can't bear to bother with, but apart from that, nothing is wrong. (Welll, maybe Season 2 of Heroes. What the fuck?)

No, the real reason is this: in our old place, there were scads of people who simply didn't bother to secure their wireless signal. So I cheerfully stole from them for about two years. Yay!

Our new apartment--which is wonderful--does not have this useful feature. Boo! So I have been forced to actually pay for my own wireless, which, oh well. And I have all the gear! It's sitting in my house, ready to go! Yee haw!

Yeah, I'm not setting up any of this shit. I've got a non-stupid buddy coming by soon to give me a hand (code for "do everything"), so soon I should be back up and running and boring the living shit out of you as per usual. I've got a reputation to uphold.

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Fuck Heroes. They've been dead to me ever since they made Matt and Monhinder lovers and had them adopt that annoying little Finds-em-all girl.

Comment number: 015693   Posted by: Joe on November 6, 2007 12:56 PM from IP:

~I never even noticed you were gone.~

Comment number: 015695   Posted by: Bill on November 6, 2007 05:07 PM from IP:

not to mention that the production value on Heroes has gone to shit this season. any flying scene, or green screen scene looks HORRRRRIBLE. seriously, i'd expect it to look better on nickelodeon.

Comment number: 015696   Posted by: the party on November 7, 2007 07:33 AM from IP:

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