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Monday, 30 April
The Windy Apple!

Well, it's come time again to do the work-travel thing as I do once or twice a year. This time it's back to Chicago. CHICAGO! The Windy City! Second City! City of Big Shoulders! Chi-Town! Chi-Chi Rodriguez (pronounced "ROD-wig-eez")! America's Meatbasket! Abe Froman's Disneyland! Richard Daley's Zionist Petting Zoo!

Blarg. Despite my snarking, I do like Chicago. If only I weren't going for work. On the other hand, the wife is traveling with me this time around. Why? Because our wedding anniversary is on Friday--it's our fourth, so FOUR MORE YEARS! and then some--so I'll get fucked if I'm going to be apart from my girl for that. Also, it would be nice for a change on a work trip to, you know, actually get fucked.

And I think that I could use the time to recharge, unless you're looking forward to more scintillating posts about hot-button topics like breakfast nooks. (I applaud one of my acerbic readers who noted: "Next on Izzle Pfaff: Crannies.") It's always good to be shipped off to another town every now and then, ostensibly for work, but more realistically, to make fun of it. We get to see some Chicago friends, and we get to have a nice anniversary dinner in a pretty awesome city (even if you guys manage to elect some real fucking creeps to public office).

So: taking the week off from blogging. I'll catch all y'all next week some time when I'm back.

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Chi Chi "Rod-wig-eez"!
Les Nessman!

Comment number: 013395   Posted by: el on May 1, 2007 09:12 AM from IP:

Chi Chi "Rod-wig-eez"!
Les Nessman!

Comment number: 013396   Posted by: el on May 1, 2007 09:13 AM from IP:

Chi Chi "Rod-wig-eez"!
Les Nessman!

Comment number: 013397   Posted by: el on May 1, 2007 09:13 AM from IP:

oops...sorry about the triple commenting.
what a dork

Comment number: 013398   Posted by: el on May 1, 2007 09:15 AM from IP:

I lived in Chicago for a while, and one thing I can tell you: it's chockful of crannies. Take notes.

Comment number: 013399   Posted by: Elsa on May 1, 2007 01:41 PM from IP:

I love it here in Chicago. But Skot, if you really expect to churn out great blog material deriding us, it's the nooks hereabouts you need to investigate.

Comment number: 013404   Posted by: Steve on May 1, 2007 04:47 PM from IP:

Oh, don't feel bad about the nook post. Or maybe you should. You caused absurd amounts of muffled laughter in a library.

Comment number: 013528   Posted by: Jennifer on May 3, 2007 05:22 PM from IP:

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