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Thursday, 08 February
Widely Loathed? Or Widely Disregarded? A Quiz

Jimmy Kimmel
Pepto Bismol advertisements
Cake flour
Reno 911
Distilled water
Ira in HR
Blue balls
Slight hearing loss
Cory Doctorow
Mare Fecunditatis
Socks that fall down, AKA "Quitters"
The Ghost Whisperer
Tomato soup skin
Judy (Punch is all right with me)
The Mohs scale
Henchmen (includes acts of henching)
Iron Man
The Man in the Iron Mask
"Save the Leaf-Nosed Bats"
Compound interest
Laffit Pincay Jr.
Cottage cheese
The Batusi
Inadequate shelter
Adam Carolla

Wordplay | Skot | 08 Feb, 2007 |

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Comment number: 011859   Posted by: mike on February 9, 2007 06:39 AM from IP:

I like chik-a-stix. And leaf-nosed bats are cool looking.

Comment number: 011860   Posted by: norm on February 9, 2007 08:04 AM from IP:

Skee-ball roolz! Everything else, loathed - especially Adam Corolla.

Comment number: 011862   Posted by: stennie on February 9, 2007 09:22 AM from IP:

i can dig Iron Man, the song, but not Iron Man, the event.

Leaping is OK.

all the rest, meh.

Comment number: 011863   Posted by: cleek on February 9, 2007 11:10 AM from IP:

I gotta vote "disregard" on all of those. Except for the quitter socks. Maximum loathing there.

Comment number: 011867   Posted by: k@ on February 9, 2007 02:53 PM from IP:

I'm going to have to go with profound indifference on everything except Reno 911, which can be pretty damn funny. Give it a chance. Have you seen the ads for the movie?

Junior: "Wow, I just had the weirdest dream."
Lt. Dangle: "You know you're driving, right?"

Comment number: 011883   Posted by: Diesel on February 10, 2007 09:33 AM from IP:

I love chik a stick, it's so yummy. It's the inside of a butterfinger. mmmmm.
Broken socks (on girls with cheerleader legs) are old skool sexy.
Skee ball and air hockey are the only cool things about chuck e cheese.
Frottage, or on items, decoupage, is fun for mixed media expressionism.
Inadequate EMOTIONAL
Slight hearing loss: from the movie Singles, featuring a youngish Matt Dillon and a repressed Brigit Fonda; "'s called club disease." Small price to pay for many hours of fun glued to ceiling high Marshall stacks.
I could go on but...instead, I'll donate. Cellulite.

Comment number: 011892   Posted by: Alyxmyself on February 10, 2007 07:35 PM from IP:

Iron Man is cool because he's an alcoholic superhero, and I can get behind that.

Cory Doctorow? I like his blog and like the only book of his I ever read.

I want to be Jimmy Kimmel, but only because he's shtupping Sarah Silverman, that lucky, lucky motherfucker.

The rest? Whatevah.

Comment number: 011895   Posted by: JJ on February 10, 2007 08:54 PM from IP:

Don't know if you meant frottage or fromage. Either way, they're both pretty splendid in my book.

You can also add the the list the third leg of the tripod of unfunny: Sara Silverman. When the chips are down, she, Jimmy and Adam can join, like Voltron, to form a 30 foot tall, stampeding juggernaught of meh.

Comment number: 011901   Posted by: rob on February 11, 2007 11:26 AM from IP:

Yeah, Rob... I'm gonna have to ask you to marry me. You might be the only man I'll ever find who will admit that Sarah Silverman is a bore. And unfortunately, she's like my only deal breaker right now.

Comment number: 011937   Posted by: Amanda on February 13, 2007 02:20 PM from IP:

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