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Thursday, 05 May
Not Very Magical Nor Terribly Mysterious Tour

We're gone, daddy, gone! Gone to SF for the next week, so your least favorite alleged comedy site will be dark until the 16th. Maybe by then some of my horridly underperforming fantasy baseball prospects will have climbed out of the toilet! I'm looking at you, Scott "I seem to have gotten my bat stuck up my ass" Rolen! And you, Hideki "But I was to understand that this was a good team" Matsui! And as for you, Miguel Olivo . . . uh . . . be more like . . . er . . . someone else. I guess. I don't care.

Anyway. Sorry to be so brief, but frankly, I'm worn out all to hell. I'll see you back in a while. With a whole new city to enjoy. And, of course, make fun of. I can't wait.

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I have Rolen too..isn't it somehow supposed to be easy to hit in between Edmonds and Pujols? He must have been a juicer.

Comment number: 005774   Posted by: Edward on May 6, 2005 07:35 AM from IP:

I live near San Francisco. It would crush me if you didn't eviscerate *some* part of it.

Comment number: 005775   Posted by: Kate on May 16, 2005 03:48 PM from IP:

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