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Wednesday, 05 January
All You Have To Do

The new year is underway, of course, and though I've never been a resolution kind of guy--except from 1981-1987, when I quite determinedly avowed to get laid, and those years were a real goddamn bust--this year I've decided, what the fuck: It's time to make myself over into a better man.

I got off to a miserable start, naturally: one of the first things I did was watch the woefully bad Secret Window, as previously mentioned. This did not make me a better man. In fact, I would argue that it made me a worse man. Some adversity is expected in life, and many would argue that one emerges stronger from having endured it. But I was not strengthened by Secret Window; I was, I am sure, immeasurably weakened: by its embarrassing transparency; its wholesale theft from other, more superior films; its occasionally hilariously humid performances; but most of all, for its use of steamed corn as a dramatic device. Nothing here is remotely strengthening, and so I am a worse man now than I was mere days ago.

But my spirit is still willing! Or, if not willing, then at least really bendy. As in, Listen up, spirit! We're gonna change for the better! And then spirit sighs and goes, Whatevs. I doubt it. And then I go, Oh burn! We're doing this thing! And spirit once again says, Whatevs. You see, I have the spirit of a jaded hipster who is easily talked into things because, hey, whatevs. My spirit can't wait for the next Ted Leo show! Unfortunately, my spirit is kind of overruled by my body, who would rather watch CSI reruns.

Anyway, here are some resolutions.

1. I'd like to bone up on my besmirching. Clean linens, the reputations of the innocent, automobile upholstery, whatever. I miss besmirching stuff.

2. Championing neglected berries. Loganberries, elderberries . . . fuck, even the cran-man gets relatively few props. I've also come up with a snappy ad campaign, where I go on TV and pound my shoe on a desk, promising America that "We will berry you!" Then we advertise our website "" This one's a sure winner.

3. I'm no one-trick pony in the business world, though. I also have big plans for another company in the works, RoBoBloJos. I think there's a big market out there for men who desire fellatio, and that's just what my giant clanking robots with fearsome metal teeth will be programmed to perform.

4. I'm pretty sick of our flag. And that's why I'm in touch with Jasper Johns to create a new one. I'm thinking of a color scheme with some dynamism, like cream, bone, eggshell, buff and lace. Basically, I've got kind of a hard-on about color in general, really, so I am also talking to Tommy Hilfiger about a new line of jeans made of translucent tarps. If my vision comes to fruition, look for "Whatevs!" to be replaced by the amusing phrase, "I can see your weird boner!" soon.

5. I think the next step is obvious. "Hey, I can see your weird boner through your translucent pants!" Enter robot. "Would-you-like-me-to-chew-on-that? Five-dollars-a-minute!" Customer: "This is a great new world!"

I'm a dreamer, though. Maybe it won't come to pass. I can always hang and watch CSI.


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Kathryn is so gonna sue you for trademark infringement.

Comment number: 005385   Posted by: TheBrad on January 5, 2005 12:46 AM from IP:

Besmirch! I love it.

Perhaps you could combine all you goals and give a uplifting boost to that film industry which has so disappointed you.

RoBoBloJos II: Acts of Besmirchment (now with Loganberries!)

Comment number: 005386   Posted by: Jamie on January 5, 2005 05:22 AM from IP:

Jesus Christ dude!! *can't stop laughin*

Hey, so I'll take a beta version of the boner chomper for my husband as soon as it's out. We'll get back to ya on any bugs we come across..

*gonna piss myself*

Comment number: 005387   Posted by: Melissa on January 5, 2005 06:25 AM from IP:

You know, I can't help but notice "my good family name" missing from the besmirchment. Please rectify this in the future.
P.S. Youngberries. Actual berry. Often overlooked. Quite delicious.

Comment number: 005388   Posted by: rothbeastie on January 5, 2005 06:41 AM from IP:

Why do you hate the marionberry? Are you a racist?

Comment number: 005389   Posted by: Snarky on January 5, 2005 10:29 AM from IP:

you are no longer my friend.

p.s. CSI? what is wrong with you? law & order, all the way.

Comment number: 005390   Posted by: kathryn on January 5, 2005 10:59 AM from IP:

I laughed hard and did foward this link to the many.

CSI Las Vegas forever,

Gail xo

Comment number: 005391   Posted by: Gail on January 5, 2005 11:29 AM from IP:

Hello folks nice blog youre running

Comment number: 005392   Posted by: lolita on January 19, 2005 06:33 PM from IP:

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