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Wednesday, 15 October

When the wife and I finished rehearsing tonight, we drove home in the hairless murk of the evening. Everything looked beautiful, like filtered vinaigrette. I relaxed in my seat. At one point, coming down on Aloha Street, I spied a woman out for a walk, wearing a Dick Dale song, probably "Miserlou." I softly cursed Quentin Tarantino, and vowed never to forgive him for making that itchy sweater popular.

It was a fat, indolent plumber night, and my pants felt like small dogs. I lit a cigarette and inhaled the J.M.W. Turner smoke, savoring its corduroy tang.

It's been a gunmetal day, and I'm pretty tired; I've settled in with a flannel whisky, and I'm thinking about tomorrow. In a little bit, I might put on the headphones and listen to some clean laundry palimpsest, or maybe a chianti bafflement.

I don't know. I guess I'm just a little red hurricane lamp in a Cale-force limned. I should probably call it a Wight. So to you I say, wheat deems, and don't let the hedge rugs delight.

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whats life if you can't go too far.?
sometimes sing for thee not me..
too much sense is a canoe in the heart..

Comment number: 003743   Posted by: david on October 15, 2003 01:23 AM from IP:


This just in. Skot, of website IzzlePfaff fame, flew to Maine last night, broke into a KFC and began snorting off the men's room floor.

"I just remembered where I dropped it all!" he was heard to mumble.

Sources say they detected traces of ancient illegal substances in the aforementioned men's room, but that mostly what he snorted was "beyond description" says a Portland sheriff.

"He's gonna be some f***ed up Dude for a while, that's for damn sure!" said the sheriff.

Police have let Skot have a computer so as not to disappoint his tens of readers, however the posts are likely to be incomprehensible for the foreseeable future.

Comment number: 003744   Posted by: Jamie on October 15, 2003 06:15 AM from IP:

Purple... Absolutely purple.

Comment number: 003745   Posted by: Morgan on October 15, 2003 07:40 AM from IP:

wow. because that was just about all she could say. wow.

Comment number: 003746   Posted by: heather on October 15, 2003 08:10 AM from IP:

wait a minute....hairless murk of an evening??!!

baby, you got old T.S. beat. (and maybe his good buddy e.e. too)

Comment number: 003747   Posted by: heather on October 15, 2003 08:14 AM from IP:

is it just me - or does e.e. cummings sound like a porn star name?

ok - I'll go away now.

Comment number: 003748   Posted by: heather on October 15, 2003 08:15 AM from IP:

Plastic purse!

Comment number: 003749   Posted by: rodii on October 15, 2003 09:20 AM from IP:

Wait a minute... I get it now. So all of those people in the 2-part Alice In Wonderland bit were really just friends of yours???

Cool - that means I'll understand this one in 4-6 weeks. Tops. I'm looking forward to it.

Comment number: 003750   Posted by: Mixmaster Mikey on October 15, 2003 12:18 PM from IP:

So all of those people in the 2-part Alice In Wonderland bit were really just friends of yours???

Yeah. I got carried away.

that means I'll understand this one in 4-6 weeks. Tops. I'm looking forward to it.

You'll have to let me know what you find out, because I have no earthly fucking idea what I was doing.

Comment number: 003751   Posted by: Skot on October 15, 2003 12:37 PM from IP:

Yes! Plastic Purse - very cool.
Obviously rodii is a very well read person.

Comment number: 003752   Posted by: heather on October 15, 2003 12:48 PM from IP:

And six is yellow.

Comment number: 003753   Posted by: moose on October 15, 2003 02:02 PM from IP:

Was there pwim involved in this?

Comment number: 003754   Posted by: mike whybark on October 15, 2003 05:40 PM from IP:

This is my favorite Izzle pfaff post ever.

Comment number: 003755   Posted by: Layne on October 15, 2003 05:54 PM from IP:

Oh, I bet you smell that to all the backbeats.

Comment number: 003756   Posted by: Patrick Nielsen Hayden on October 15, 2003 07:13 PM from IP:

"wearing a dick dale song..."
"clean laundry palimpsest..."
forget pwim. i'm thinking absinthe.

Comment number: 003757   Posted by: candice on October 15, 2003 07:20 PM from IP:

first i had no idea what you were talking about, then i remembered how my brother 'hears grey'.

Comment number: 003758   Posted by: livie on October 15, 2003 07:51 PM from IP:

Anyone that mentions Dick Dale makes a lot of sense to me....

Comment number: 003759   Posted by: Scott on October 16, 2003 08:42 AM from IP:

i can't believe the stormy i just red. it's as if my eyes were cascading over warbles in another lasagne.

Comment number: 003760   Posted by: beerzie boy on October 16, 2003 02:41 PM from IP:

Now experiencing murky licorice envy.

Comment number: 003761   Posted by: Miel on October 16, 2003 09:06 PM from IP:

This reminds me of the poem that starts with:
"What a wonderful bird the frog are".

Does anybody know the rest?

Comment number: 003762   Posted by: Anna on October 17, 2003 04:22 AM from IP:

what a wonderful bird the frog are.
when he stand he sit almost;
when he hop he fly almost;
he ain't got no sense hardly;
he ain't got no tail hardly either.
when he sit, he sit on what he ain't got - almost.

Comment number: 003763   Posted by: Forge on October 18, 2003 12:39 AM from IP:

Filtered vinaigrette? Filtered? Why don't you just go ahead and homogenize it?!?

Comment number: 003764   Posted by: Gopi on October 18, 2003 08:23 AM from IP:

6 isn't yellow, it's freaking green.

Comment number: 003765   Posted by: the amazing kim on October 18, 2003 07:27 PM from IP:

Max? Max Payne? Is that you?

Comment number: 003766   Posted by: Pandaemonium on October 20, 2003 02:46 PM from IP:


I love finding more synaesthetes out there!

Me: numbers and letters in color. Well, really just vowels and numbers. Don't ask me why. Was this post just an academic exercise for you, or are you really a synaesthete too?

And to the amazing kim... my 6's are green too! Lighter green than 7's, but still green.

For anyone who wants to learn more about synaesthesia... there's a great book called "The Man Who Tasted Shapes" by Richard Cytowic.

Comment number: 003767   Posted by: Brenda on October 22, 2003 07:18 AM from IP:

Amazing Kim and Brenda: Your sixes may be green but mine are yellow, no two ways about it. Threes are green. Sevens, Brenda, are purple.

Me: all numbers, letters in colors. Some words in their own colors. Music in shapes and patterns.

The funny thing is I can't fathom the world being any other way.

Comment number: 003768   Posted by: moose on October 22, 2003 09:12 AM from IP:

The way I became aware of my synaesthesia:

Laying in bed with hubby one night, in the dark, just being slap-happy silly. For some reason I was compelled to ask him what color his 6's were.

He stopped cold and said "huh?!"

I asked again. He said "You're weird." That was the first time I realized it wasn't something everyone's brain did.

A few months later I was trawling the web and stumbled across a guy who had posted his alphabet in colors. And he gave it a name - synaesthesia!

I was so happy to be able to tell hubby I wasn't weird... I was "unique." Nyah Nyah.

And 3's are blue. "Moose" is yellow, with a hint of blue. Nyah nyah :)

Comment number: 003769   Posted by: Brenda on October 23, 2003 10:54 AM from IP:

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