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Thursday, 27 March
The Fine Art Of Hemorrhaging Money

It's a little silly given that I have a honeymoon to deal with first--including those dick-twisters who create the nonsensical airfare bafflemazes (aren't they supposed to be going broke, for Christ's sake?)--but I've been feeling a jones to get back to Our Nation's Most Appealing Cesspool, Las Vegas. It's a little hard to write about a place that was seemingly covered back to front by a certain Mr. Hunter Thompson, but hey, that was thirty years ago, and goddamn it, I love the place, even while I fully understand that the whole thing is a glutinous, cynical, cardboard fuck-factory that eats the weak and picks its marquee teeth with the bones.

The last time I was there was about a year ago, when I went down with about a dozen friends for a birthday jaunt. So we threw our Antabuse pills into the dumpster and hopped on America West (aka Afterthought Airlines) for a couple of hours before being kicked out into McCarran Airport's cheerless smoke 'n wait 'n slot desmesnes. Then a quick taxi-cram to our hotels (Paris for the birthday boy, Bally's next door for the rest of us), hurl our shit onto the bed and off to the Strip we scampered.

I can understand why people would object to the atmosphere of--or even idea of--someplace as fundamentally perverse and crass as Vegas, but I still maintain that if you can't get over it long enough to even have a tiny bit of fun there, you're just being obstinant. At the very least you can people watch: the racked-out trophy dates (or brides); the loutish, appalling white trash tourists; the horrid old-person-shaped giant funguses rooted in front of the slots. You can at least enjoy these things ironically, can't you? Hey, is that a really attractive hooker? Or a pretty showgirl? Or a knockout cocktail waitress? Answer: it is a man in drag.

Over the course of our visit, we of course went all over the place. I always like to visit the desperately terrible Excalibur casino, if only to walk into the joint. Entering visitors "enjoy" (when it's working) a moving conveyor belt while your ears are entertained by actors with awful plummy Olde Englishesque accents trumpet nonsense about the "MERLIN'S MAGIC!" being on your side as you gleefully yank the nickel slots. Meanwhile, on either side of the belt are two concrete alleys: these are for people leaving the casino, on foot, not as the Vegas Gods intended, which would be in either a limo or an ambulance. No, people exiting the casino in such an ignominious fashion not only walk out on their two sad loser feet, they walk past the glorious soon-to-be-winners who only have to stand there and be whisked inside without any perilous effort at all. Nothing else in the town for me sums up so succinctly what I think of as Vegas' unspoken credo: LOSERS WALK.

At one point, a bunch of us decided to take a walking tour of wherever we led ourselves, with the idea that we'd just grab drinks wherever we were moved to. Unbeknownst to me at the time, a couple of them had some ecstasy, which they had gulped down (because yeah, in Vegas, you need heightened senses to pick out the subtle details, like the twenty-foot tall billboard showing a winged, double-dicked incubus sportfucking the Barbii twins on top of a Humvee). This led to trouble for one of our merry band; we settled down in some piano bar in the Venetian, and K. seemed jumpy and tense, and it was a little odd that he was wearing sunglasses, but whatever. We'd been carousing for two days, and we were all feeling kind of soul-mashed anyway. But what was going on with K. was, the ecstasy was warping his perceptions, and he kept catching a sideward glance of this tiny Asian woman at a nearby Pai-Gow table. She was enthusiastic about the game, and loud as hell, and she'd toss the dice in the shaker and wave it over her head and scream "PAI-GOW!" K., we found out later, was under the impression that she was staring directly at him as she did this, and that the screams of "PAI-GOW!" were some kind of terrible tooth-baring threat, and the dice sounded like bones rattling in a crypt, and that every time she screamed afresh, she was implacably inching closer and closer to him. K. held himself together all right, but I can still make him flinch by bugging out my eyes and howling with menacing cheer, "PAI-GOW!"

In the end, we naturally lost all of our fucking money--especially heart-tugging were the losses of C., the birthday boy, who went bottomlessly broke so quickly that the process seemed to require the employment of tachyons--and when we finally hit the airport to return home, we looked and felt like wraiths. "I feel like death's chilly asshole," I moaned when I hit the seat. "Me too," said the fiancee. "I can't wait to come back."

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*is obstinate*



Comment number: 002697   Posted by: claxy on March 27, 2003 01:42 PM from IP:

I thought the same thing when I saw the "conveyor belt in, walk out" place: it really summed up the LV ethos.

Mind you, I did have lots of fun in Vegas. I got married there, by Elvis, and (unrelated) saw my first pair of undeniable anti-gravity silicone double D's in the wild.

Comment number: 002698   Posted by: senn on March 27, 2003 02:02 PM from IP:

As a native Las Vegan, and newish but now frequent enjoyer of "izzle pfaff", I highly recommend you take a cab off the beaten path to the Sunset Station casino and catch "Lounge Against the Machine" if you are here on a Sunday.

Oh, and Megabucks just hit (at the Excaliber!) so don't bother playing.

Comment number: 002699   Posted by: krix on March 27, 2003 02:05 PM from IP:

I too just returned from Vegas and had a great time. Although the place was PACKED for the NCAA Tourney and (for some) spring break, finding reasonably priced table games was impossible. I learned a quick lesson.

But what I thought was cool about your story was the ending "I can't wait to come back" she said. A keeper me-thinks, but a few years into the marriage thing and I'm sure you'll have to remind her of her comments so you can get a kitchen pass to go back!

Comment number: 002700   Posted by: MojoMark on March 27, 2003 05:21 PM from IP:

I too just returned from the "City of Lost Wages" and once again, enjoyed my visit. There is something about the free exchange of money and the endless stream of people from around the world that I find interesting and fun.

What I found most interesting about your story is the ending. "I can't wait to come back" She said. You should always remember that, and point back to the blog for proof, because after a few years of marriage, a kid or two, you'll be hard-pressed to get that "kitchen pass" for a weekend with the guys in Vegas. The Adult Entertainment industry and the free (out)flow of cash may have something to do with that.

Comment number: 002701   Posted by: MojoMark on March 27, 2003 06:41 PM from IP:

oops. I got a 404 on the first, and didn't think it posted. oh well. Like deja vu all over again

Comment number: 002702   Posted by: MojoMark on March 27, 2003 07:10 PM from IP:

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