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Friday, 07 March
Look Away, Look Away

So there's apparently a movie called Irreversible coming out now making the outrage-rounds. You see, it apparently features a very graphic anal rape scene. And it's nine minutes long. Nine. Minutes. Are you very surprised to learn that it's a French movie?

Now honestly. There's no fucking hope in hell that I'm going to willingly watch a movie knowing that for nine endless woe-washed minutes, I will be watching an anal rape scene. I'm just not; fuck that, if I want to immerse myself in hopeless anguish, I can always watch Emeril. I can't get over it. Nine minutes is an eternity of screen time.

Someone once tried to make the argument with me regarding the immortal Caligula that the "what the--?" out-of-nowhere X-rated sex scenes were an experiment in confronting the viewer with how much they could take; forcing them to understand their own mental limitations. Or something. So I watched the movie, and afterwards I was all, "Uh, dude. That's just porn." I mean, fine, watch porn if you want, but let's not gloss it over with any bullshit.

And frankly, even the idea of commiting a graphic rape scene to film is one thing, but to stretch it out to nine minutes just strikes me as a cruel device, just rubbing the viewer's face in it because . . . I don't know why because. Because someone could? That's not good enough for me. And I don't wanna come across all shrill and dumb and bluenosy; I'm not saying don't go see it, or it should be banned, or anything of the sort. I'm just saying why I'm not seeing it. I don't see how it's anything other than nasty and cynical and almost worst of all, probably totally unneccessary to the film overall.

But as I pointed out, I haven't seen the film. Knock wood.

I'm waiting for The Core. Now that's going to be some horrible, insulting filmmaking I can really enjoy!

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I am not even worthy to comment on your blog, so great is its hilarity. I am your fan for life.

Comment number: 002570   Posted by: stennie on March 10, 2003 12:14 AM from IP:

I'm not worthy to comment here either!

Comment number: 002571   Posted by: pfattmeff on March 10, 2003 01:10 PM from IP:

Read my review. Except for the end. The end is messed up.

Comment number: 002572   Posted by: Anthony Lane on March 10, 2003 01:12 PM from IP:

Wow, Anthony Lane writes for Provenance: Unknown?

Comment number: 002573   Posted by: Dave A on March 12, 2003 12:32 PM from IP:

Wow, Anthony Lane writes for Provenance: Unknown?

Very seldom. But in fact what happened in this case is Tony (I usually call him Tone) borrowed my computer, and seems to have been too lazy to change more than the name in the signature.

It's a shame, really, I think it confused a lot of people....

Comment number: 002574   Posted by: pfattmeff on March 12, 2003 11:21 PM from IP:

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